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Regular Pinboard
Best for…. School parent bodies, interest groups and local neighbourhoods
Share information with your trusted group, as well as our wider pinboard network
FREE to SET UP, RUN, and POST* to your community 

*pay-to-post for businesses and property, with an option to ‘boost’ post to the wider Pinboard community
Great editorial content including art, culture, fashion, beauty, recipes
Bespoke Pinboard
Best for…. Private members clubs, businesses and institutions
Only for your group, customised with your logo, brand colours and fonts, integrated within your website
MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION payable by your organisation, different packages available, all posting is free for members
Optional editorial including art, culture, fashion, beauty, recipes


“I am quite unashamed to tell you how much I look forward to Thursday rolling around each week. Looking to see what is on Pinboard has become my favourite pastime and even more so now using the App to save posts that I can look back at anytime! ”
Lauren M
"I find the pinboard very useful. easy to use and always enjoyable to read."
Tatjana G
“I LOVE Pinboard and I think it is something that every school should have! I now know to open the email quickly, because things get sold in a flash.”
Kirsty A
"Pinboard is a brilliant resource. As a new parent, I posted something early on and got 8 responses within 20 minutes! People really do read it and get in contact. It played a part in helping me make connections within the school when we first joined”
Charlotte H-S
“Hey, I received your newsletter via St James Prep School. Just wanted to say - many thanks for your TV recommendations a couple weeks ago. We checked them out and we love 'Call my agent'!”
Sigrid G
“I've found Pinboard highly effective for selling furniture, finding childcare, music lessons and so much more - an invaluable resource!”
Jane B
"I just wanted to say what a brilliant resource I think Pinboard is - I couldn't believe how many useful responses I got to my request for a plumber - something almost impossible to find before."
Sof M

Our clients include

Our clients include

Our Editorials

Our Regular Pinboards incorporate journalistic content from the worlds of art, culture, fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle, written by experts, top journalists and celebrity guest editors.

Our Bespoke Pinboards have the choice whether or not to receive our editorials.
THE ULTIMATE - Summer Stack
CULTURE POST - Collin from Accounts
CULTURE POST - White Holes
THE ULTIMATE - New Year Cleanse
THE ULTIMATE - Sunglasses
THE ULTIMATE - Hostess Gift
"I absolutely loved your recommendation ‘Lost Connections’ – it’s a life changer! I’ve recommended it to so many people. Thank you so much x” - Clare (mother)

Overseas Opportunities

Pinboard also runs newsletters in Ibiza and Canada.