If you are looking for a carpenter, a gardener or the like, then PINBOARD is not for you. We are an IT services company.

In case you are looking for a knowledgable windows administrator, a highly skilled web developer, a top notch oracle DBA or a C programmer, please look further, this is not the place you will find one.

Should you be looking for a linux or unix administrator, advisor, consultant, hacker, implementor with excellent scripting skills who also has a good technical understanding of various internet related protocols and services like SMTP, HTTP, DNS, proxy, etc. and does know a thing or two about security, in addition to being used to work with open source products, then you hit the right place, because this is exactly what we do and what we do well.

PINBOARD is mainly doing consulting, implementation and administration in linux and unix related projects for companies of different sizes and types. Among our clients are physicians, internet service providers, manufacturers, banks; one woman offices, national giants and multinationals alike. Let us know what you want us to do for you.


Maybe you are even served well enough with some good book about a certain topic and don't need our direct help? Here is a list of books which served us well and might also be helpful to you.